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Power Quality

Power Quality Products and Services

Protection for your electronics—don’t plug in without it

When you purchased that new computer or home entertainment system chances are the salesperson didn’t caution you on the day-to-day electrical hazards lying in wait for your unsuspecting electronics.

You paid good money for your equipment, so now is a good time to think about protecting your investment.

Every day, everything plugged into the outlets in your home is subjected to a barrage of momentary power spikes and surges that happen faster than a blink of the eye. And every little spike and surge slowly eats away at the sensitive little micro-processor brains inside almost everything you plug in--from your kitchen appliances to your state-of-the-art home entertainment center.

The unprotected use of your computer could result in a damaged, or dead, computer.  It could happen in an instant or it may be a slow and painful demise—one microchip at a time.

You may ask, "what’s going on here? This didn’t used to be a problem…am I getting ‘surges’ from Carbon?"  The truth is power flowing through the utility lines to your house is as consistent and steady as possible. No matter where your power comes from, it is subject to spikes, surges and momentary outages that are hazardous to the health and well-being of your home and business electronics.

Just in case you are wondering—15 percent of potentially damaging power quality problems are caused by lightning. Only five percent are attributed to utilities, due to the operation of protective equipment or downed power lines caused by storms or accidents. The other 80 percent are "customer-created" by inadequate wiring, overloaded circuits or simply by other equipment turning on and off.

Lightning not only enters your home through electrical lines—it gets flows through phone lines and TV cables too. No matter where these spikes and surges originate, they have the same effect—they’re hazardous to the health of your electrical equipment.

There is a simple solution that provides guaranteed protection for your electrical equipment and piece of mind for you—Carbon’s Energy Shield program. For as little as $4.95 a month you can take the first step in protecting your vulnerable home appliances from electrical demons that attempt to enter through the power lines.

Additional protection can be tailored for specific components such as computers, modems, TV’s, stereo’s, answering machines and microwave ovens. Energy Shield protection includes warranties of up to $25,000 to repair or replace connected equipment that is damaged by an electrical surge.

Carbon’s Member Services personnel will be happy to visit with you about Energy Shield—they’ll even check your electrical outlets free of charge to make sure they are adequately grounded. Take the first step in protecting your valuable home appliances from electrical demons--call Carbon's Member Services Department today.


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