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Office Services

When do I get my bill and how do I interpret it?

"Statement billing" provides comprehensive information

Carbon Power & Light members receive comprehensive monthly billing statements. "Statement billing" enables the cooperative to include enhanced billing information and details for each account. Each statement includes a courtesy envelope for increased convenience and security when returning payments.

The bills are mailed from our data processing center in St. Louis MO on the first working day of each month and payment needs to be received in the Saratoga office no later than 15 days after the statement date to avoid the 1.5% penalty charge.

A "navigational guide," explaining each component of the statement, is available by calling Carbon’s Office Services Department.

What is a Facility Charge and why does it cost extra on my bill?

A facility charge is intended to recover the customer-related costs involved with providing service. The facility charge is the cost to a business associated with having facilities AVAILABLE to serve you. For residential/rural customers the facility charge is $30.00, our Time of Day customers pay $35.00, and a large power customers is $75.00.

This charge is developed through a "cost of service study" and is called the customer component of expense. A cost of service study is designed to spread the cost for providing service to the appropriate class of consumers. In Carbon’s case, there are eight classes to which the costs are spread and each differs because of its relationship to the total system. Costs associated with this charge include both fixed costs and the Overhead and Maintenance expenses, which include: 

1)      Operation & maintenance expense on a portion of the overhead lines (system wide).

2)      Operation & Maintenance expense on a portion of the transformers (system wide).

3)      Operations & Maintenance on all electric meters, all secondary services,
          and all underground lines.

4)      Depreciation on plant facilities

5)      Interest on Debt

6)      Taxes

7)      Expenses related to consumer accounting, billing, collections, meter reading, customer relations and information, etc.  

These are some of the direct costs that must be recovered even when no electricity is being used. This charge is not unique to Carbon.  Most Public Service/Utilities Commissions feel this is the most equitable way for each consumer class to pay its own way.  They insist each utility establish its rates based upon a "cost of service" concept. This is especially true in Wyoming.  

If you need more information please contact Carbon’s Billing Department.


Billing Informational Updates

Please refer to the rates section.

The time of day rates are billed at the regular kilowatt-hour rate for the months of June through August.

Irrigation customers are billed their kW demand charges for June through August.


For Departmental Questions Please Contact:
Debbie Reichert
Director of Office Services

Phone: 1-800-359-0249
Local Phone: 1 (307) 326-5206

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