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General Products

General Products

A brief overview of our "value - added" products and services

Carbon Power & Light’s products and services add value to the membership in your electric cooperative. The true meaning of ‘value and service’ is measured over time and Carbon has the commitment to meet that challenge. A menu of our products and services is offered below as a quick reference to what we have to offer.  Please click on any blue word(s) to link you to more details on that particular product or service.

Need an Electrician? Carbon's members now have seamless service on both sides of the meter. When you call us for an electrician you will get a prompt response from one of our electrician partners. You will get a free estimate and the peace of mind in knowing your work will be completed in accordance with the National Electrical Safety Code. Our contractors also specialize in installing and servicing electrical products offered by Carbon. Our electrical partner serving Albany County is Fremont Electric, Inc. and Prairie Dog Electric serves Carbon County. Call Carbon for more information.

Protection for your electronics—don’t plug in without it—When you purchased that new computer or home entertainment system, chances are the salesperson didn’t caution you on the day-to-day electrical hazards lying in wait for your unsuspecting electronics. There is a simple solution that provides guaranteed protection for your electrical equipment and piece of mind for you—Carbon’s Energy Shield program. For as little as $4.95 a month you can take the first step in protecting your vulnerable home appliances from electrical demons that attempt to enter through the power lines.

Additional protection can be tailored for specific components such as computers, modems, TV’s, stereo’s, answering machines and microwave ovens. Energy Shield protection includes warranties of up to $25,000 to repair or replace connected equipment that is damaged by an electrical surge. Carbon’s member services personnel will be happy to visit with you about Energy Shield—they’ll even check your electrical outlets free of charge to make sure they are adequately grounded.

Marathon Water Heaters are simply the best water heaters you can buy. Anything else is money down the drain. Conventional water heaters begin corroding the moment they are installed and eventually will need to be replaced. Marathon’s new, innovative shape is good looking and functional. Its non-metallic construction can never rust or corrode—in fact, its guaranteed not to leak for as long as you own your home. Marathon’s polyurethane environfoam™ construction minimizes energy consumption.

These exceptional water heaters qualify for double rebates through our Energy Efficiency Credit program. Call for details.

Electric Thermal Storage—More than 1,000 of these super-efficient heating systems now provide inexpensive heat to hundreds of homes throughout CP&L territory. Our storage heaters are energized during hours when low-cost electricity (60 percent below the normal residential rate) stores enough heat in special ceramic bricks to provide for the next day's heating requirements. If you're counting BTU's—our ETS units can't be beat. They qualify for generous rebates from our power supplier. Call for details and special pricing.

Energy Efficiency CreditsCarbon members who install energy efficient water heaters may be eligible for cash rebates from our power supplier and Carbon offers them a credit on their power bill (Carbon’s incentives are doubled if you purchase a Marathon water heater from Carbon). Rebates are available for each Electric Thermal Storage Heater installed. Other permanently installed electric heating systems may also qualify for rebates. LED lighting also qualifies for rebates in several categories as well as most Energy Star rated appliances.  New premium efficiency electric motors (10-500 horsepower) may be eligible for rebates as well. Contact your Member Services department for additional information.

Outdoor cooking—For the ultimate flavor experience, Carbon is proud to offer the MECO line of outdoor cooking appliances. Our electric grills and smokers represent state-of-the-art outdoor cooking.

With our Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill you'll be ready to cook in minutes without the mess of charcoal or flammable lighter fluids or fuel cylinders. You'll get steaks seared to perfection and chicken that is tender and succulent without getting scorched. Your meat will have that real outdoor taste while the strategically placed heat reflector drains away most of the grease and fat. It even comes with a rotisserie that allows you to cook a 14-pound turkey to perfection and because the cooling element shifts to a vertical position, you don't have to worry about flare-ups.

The MECO Water Smoker does double duty as a tabletop grill. Use the smoker with chunks of hickory for sumptuous smoked turkeys and beef roasts. The smoker is the perfect touch for wild game and fish, and it makes the best jerky around. Since this smoker converts to a grill in seconds you are getting two appliances in one!


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